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Doll Bones
Holly Black

Good, but a little
boring at the beginning.
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Holly Black
6 University Drive
Suite 206
PMB #119
Amherst, MA 01002

Dear Holly Black,

I have just finished your book Doll Bones. I thought it was a real questionable story with a great plotline and amazing description of the setting. I love how you incorporated dialogue and description where ever you can. My favorite part is when Zach, Poppy and Alice stole the Sunfish and floated down the Ohio River. I loved how you showed how they were feeling. When Zach’s dad threw out all of Zach’s figures I loved how you made the reader feel that something important is gone. I also enjoyed that you made the reader question the other characters. Why did the ghost haunt Poppy? What is wrong with that doll? Why was Zach hiding things? You incorporated those questions very well within the story.

Abby Nelson, 6th grade.

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